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The Fremont Chamber of Commerce is a business organization that has fun!

We follow our mission:

The Fremont Chamber of Commerce strengthens the business climate and improves the quality of life in the Fremont community.

We think Fremont is not a geographic region, but a state of mind. Come join us at our next event, get involved with a committee…. Join the Fun Chamber and find out why people stay in Fremont!

*Please note that as of September 1, 2023 our membership rates have increased. Learn more here.

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The Fremont Chamber of Commerce is a business organization that has been having fun for 40 years! History of the…

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Come join us for our Chamber Meetings. Board Meetings are open to the public but Fremont Chamber hosts many meetings and events throughout the year. Join for fun, community gatherings within the Center of the Universe.

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Community, Friends and Partners Fremont wouldn’t be the fun quirky thriving community it is without the help of all our…

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Donate to Keep Fremont Funky! The Fremont Chamber collects donations to support its work in the Fremont community. When the…

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