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Hungry? Got you covered. Meeting up with friends? This is the place. Looking for a perfect gift? We have stores you won’t find anywhere else. By day or by night, Fremont is the place to be.

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Fremont Center of the Universe

A peek into some of the great places that make Fremont the center of the universe

Convenience Store
7-Eleven – Stone Way

Convenience Store

Evergreen Home Heating and Energy

For 40 years we’ve been making Puget Sound homes the most energy efficient, comfortable homes…

Car Rental
Hertz Rentals

Equipment Rentals - Tool Rentals

The Fremont Tour

The Fremont Tour is an entertaining walking tour that tells the story of many of…

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Planning on staying in Fremont? Here are our favorite places to call home while you explore The Center of the Universe.

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Join us for breakfast tomorrow at Ivar’s Salmon House @ 8AM-9:30AM The Future of the…

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