Presented by the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, Seattle, WA.


Frozen in time or frozen in fairy tales? Hey! It’s not that cold!

Ever since the Aurora Bridge was erected in 1932 there have been reports of troll sightings underneath. Now we can say for sure that a troll has taken up residence on the north end of the Aurora Bridge.

This cast bronze sculpture of Vladimir Lenin was created by Emil Venkov. Weighing over 7 tons and 16 feet tall, the sculpture took ten years to complete and is truly unique.

Opened in 1917, the Fremont Bridge is a double-leaf drawbridge or bascule bridge over the Lake Washington Ship Canal connecting the neighborhoods of Fremont and Queen Anne.

In 1991 a live morning newscast reported the dismantling of the circa 1950 cold war rocket fuselage that was on display at an Army Surplus in Belltown.

According to reliable sources, Fremont lies in a special geophysical local. Stay long enough and you too will notice an odd gravitational pull…

In 1979 sculptor Richard Beyer created Seattle’s most popular interactive artwork. It commemorates the light rail Interurban line that used to connect downtown Seattle with all of its neighborhoods.

The topiaries, of a mama and baby Apatosaurus (probably), were created by the Pacific Science Center to promote a dinosaur exhibit.

As the Native travelers illustrated, connecting saltwater and freshwater made sense, except for one large problem…

“Dreamer of World Peace” First ever installed in the continental United States…

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