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Community Partners

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Community, Friends and Partners

Fremont wouldn’t be the fun quirky thriving community it is without the help of all our community, business and government friends and partners. And where would we be without art! It floats our boat!

Community Partners

  • B F Day Elementary School–An elementary school located in Fremont, part of the Seattle Public Schools school district. It was originally designed by John Parkinson during 1891 and 1892.
  • Friends of Troll’s Knoll–A community of neighbors dedicated to transforming the Troll Knoll into an active space where all visitors will feel safe taking their families and pets to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Fremocentrist–Has a wealth of information about the WHY behind the WHAT of Fremont. Explore the stories here, going back two decades.
  • Fremont Arts Council–Engages community to cultivate the spirit of celebration where everyone is an artist. Owner of the Fremont Solstice Parade.
  • Fremont First Friday Art Walk–Brings together a number of Fremont’s arts-supporting shops, galleries, and restaurants each month for 3 hours of celebrating creativity in its many forms.
  • Fremont Neighborhood Council–A chartered organization representing the residents of Fremont.
  • North Precinct Advisory Council–A community organization devoted to promoting partnership between residents, schools, businesses, and the Seattle Police Department to effectively address public safety issues.
  • North Seattle Industrial Association–The premier business organization for north Seattle maritime, manufacturing and industrial support businesses and its property owners.

Business Partners & Affiliates

Advocacy & Governmental

Need to report a problem to the City? Download the Find It Fix It service request app on your phone (iPhone and Android.) With Find It, Fix It, reporting an issue is as easy as snapping a photo with your smartphone, adding detailed information, and hitting submit.

Public Safety–In an Emergency, Call 911! These links are for non-emergency communications:

  • Seattle Police Department–Detective units, parking enforcement, and specialty units such as K9, Forensics, Harbor Patrol and SWAT.
  • Seattle Fire Department–More than 1,000 firefighters serve in 5 battalions, staffing 33 fire stations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Homelessness Resources–Doing more, in coordination with King County partners, to prevent people from falling into homelessness, build thousands of new affordable housing units, deploy new bridge housing and shelter units, and picking up trash and waste.


  • Mayor’s Office–The Mayor directs and controls all City offices and departments except where that authority is granted to another office by the City Charter.

Business & Community Support–Connecting Businesses, Communities & People

Utilities & Transportation

  • Seattle City Light–Lighting up lives in the city since 1910.
  • Seattle Public Utilities–Protects the area’s quality of life by providing safe drinking water, being recycling leaders, and protecting local waterways and the Sound from polluted storm and waste water.
  • Seattle Department of Transportation–Handles everything from filling potholes to paving streets, tweaking traffic signals and helping buses and freight deliveries run on time, creating enjoyable public spaces and building out a network of bike lanes and sidewalks to serve all ages and abilities.

Friends of the Chamber

Individuals and business who support the community initiatives of the Fremont Chamber of Commerce



Thank you, Friend, for your support of the Fremont Chamber!

Bahia in Motion / Balance Studio

Daniel Nery dos Santos Filho and Aileen Panke are co-creators of Bahia In Motion, an organization offering Brazilian dance and Capoeira to adults and youth, and tours to Bahia, Brazil.…

816 Studio and Gallery

A beautiful artist studio space for hourly rental. We like to work with your flexible schedule — give us a call today for details.
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