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Donate to Art

The Fremont Chamber collects donations to its Arts Fund. When the Arts Fund balance is sufficient, the Chamber offers Community and Sponsorship Grants from these funds.

Community Grants

Community Grants are awarded for small, community events or non-profit projects. Grants may not be given out every year, depending on the balance in our Arts Fund.

FCC Community Grant Application

Some of our Past Community Grant Award Recipients and Projects


  • Bunny Ears Project, $1,425


  • Literacy Project, B F Day School, $1,000
  • July 5th Cleanup, Puget Soundkeeper Alliance, $200
  • Fremont Fair: Abbey Arts Center, Arts for All, $1500


  • Signal Box Project, Fremont Neighborhood Council  $2,000
  • Picnic at the Precinct, Seattle Police Foundation, $500
  • Halloween Hoopla, Wallingford Boys & Girls Club $1,000


  • Fremont Outdoor Movies, $500
  • Fremont Arts Council, Troll Donation Box, $1000
  • Moisture Festival, $1000

Sponsorship Grants

Sponsorship Grants usually have a specific return for the Fremont Chamber – like our logo on your promotional material, tickets to your event, or other promotion of the Fremont Chamber in coordination with the award.

If you have questions about our process for reviewing applications or if you have questions about your application and qualifications for a Fremont Chamber Grant contact our Marketing and Programs Dynamo, Whitney Moore.