The best way to explore the businesses in Fremont is by walking through and experiencing the unique and eclectic energy that flows through the air. Grab your walking shoes and get ready to have some of the best drinks in Seattle. Don’t be surprised when friendly locals join you on your walk, Fremont’s biggest fans are the ones who live here!

Walking Guide to Fremont

Download our Walking Guide and carry all that Fremont has to offer in your pocket!

2020 Walking Guide

First Friday Art Walk

Fremont First Friday Art Walk brings together a number of our neighborhood’s arts-supporting shops, galleries, and restaurants each month for 3 hours of celebrating creativity in it’s many forms. Expect to see everything from oil paintings to encaustics, photography to illustration, sculpture to mixed media, and live music to performance poetry. Along the way you can stroll by Fremont’s many outdoor art installations (most notably the Lenin statue, the Troll under the Aurora bridge, and the Rocket) and try locally made wine, beer, coffee, chocolate, and other delectable fare from local establishments, plus a steady rotation of mobile food trucks scheduled for the 6-9pm event. The FIRST FRIDAY of every month is a great opportunity to get a taste for the creative culture that Fremont is known for. We’ve got your fives senses covered here at the Center of the Universe.

Check out the Art Walk map.

See the Sights

A nearly one and a half mile walk around Fremont hitting all the key sites! Enough elevation gain to get your heart moving. (View in Google maps for step-by-step directions.)

Parks in Fremont

Behold the majesty of the Center of the Universe at any of our outdoor spaces: pocket parks, P-Patches, playgrounds and places to walk or run.

The Intoxicating Meander

An approximately 2.8 mile walking itinerary through the Center of the Universe, stopping at intoxicating locations that will make your spirit soar as you enjoy the manufacturers that make beer, spirits and cider and sell cannabis in Fremont. Double click a location for details to embark on this spirited tour. (View in Google maps for step-by-step directions.)

Our walking tours are still a work in progress, so if you’re interested in creating a tour to draw Fremont visitors to your business, contact us.