Presented by the Fremont Chamber of Commerce, Seattle, WA.


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According to reliable sources, Fremont lies in a special geophysical local. Stay long enough and you too, will notice an odd gravitational pull, the inability to stay away, the overwhelming urge to return again and again.

In 1991, after a careful and considered study of these effects, Fremont Scientists, determined the Center of the Universe to be at the intersection of N Fremont Ave and 35th St N – with the reasoning that this local can neither be proven, nor disproven!

The sign is on a traffic island at the intersection of North Fremont Avenue and North 35th Street, which residents of Fremont have considered to mark the center of the universe since the early 1970s. In 1994, the Metropolitan King County Council proclaimed it officially.

Metropolitan King County Council


Whereas, Fremont is a State of Mind, not a foreign nation but an ImagiNation based on the freedom to dream, and

Whereas, the Fearsome and Frolicsome Fiefdom of Fremont hath a long and lustrous history of community activism, having transformed itself into a thriving business, arts, and urban living community, within the Greater Pugetopolitan area; and

Whereas, a myriad of magical and merry artistic pursuits hath sprung to lusty life amid the fertile Fremontian foam and fomentations, to wit, the quiet crowd that waits cemented in eternity for the bus that no more comes; and the droll troll that lurks in the shadow of the great bridge hovering above the kingdom, guarding the hall of giants; and

Whereas, the history of the land harketh back to primordial trees and spirits, and it greeteth the future with recently acquired rocket capabilities that stretcheth into interstellar space, or City Hall, depending on prevailing winds, and

Whereas, in addition to its space program, Fremont hath its own port, school, national bank, bakery, brewery, publicist, international market, television garden, theater, and outdoor cinema, hence it be a self-supporting community unto itself, and

Whereas, Fremont hath chosen a humorous manner of communicating its very real and heartfelt concerns to the City of Seattle over the Urban Village designation and boundaries, in hopes that laughter could heal that rift; and

Whereas, despite Fremont denizens voting overwhelmingly to secede from Seattle at the Fremont Fair, Fremont still loves and admires this great city of Seattle, County of King; and

Whereas, it doth us much honor to greatly celebrate the Artistic Republic of Fremont, affectionately referred to as ARF, to never be too much gentrified, and to publish abroad the tidings of its aspirations,

 Now, therefore, be it proclaimed by the Council of King County;

The Artistic Republic of Fremont is hereby declared, decreed, and determined to be an Independent ImagiNation and a Mecca for those of independent minds and spirits, and is forever and fervently empowered with all the rights and privileges thereto accruing. Further, the Metropolitan King County Council plainly postulates and proclaims Fremont to be Center of the Universe, indeed, and hereby supports Fremont in its gallant endeavors to apply to the United Nations for sovereign status under international law.

 DATED this twenty-fifth day of July, 1994

Cynthia Sullivan, District Two ………………….Kent Pullen, Council Chair

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