Rapunzel Lets Down Her Hair In Fremont
Saturn Building
Saturn Building
JP Patches
Late for the Interurban
Statue Of Peace Leader Sri Chimnoy
Statue of Peace Leader Sri Chimnoy

With over 50 pieces of art scattered around for public view… not to mention what you will find in our galleries and shops, you art lovers will be thrilled!


In plain sight, in the Northwest tower, facing North 34th Street, Rapunzel, in neon, lets down her hair in Fremont. Read more at Fremocentrist.

Planets at the Center of the Universe

Saturn installation

“The planet Saturn, large and orange, is perched five-stories up – created by [Brian] Regan, although when asked about his identity as the artist, he said, “God designed it, I just copied it.”

Space Building

The large plaza in front of the Space Building is an intergalactic public art installation by Jessica Randall and the Fremont Arts Council.

Read more at Fremocentrist.

JP Patches Statue

A life-sized bronze portrayal of J.P. Patches and his girlfriend Gertrude located at 837 North 34th Street. The official name of the statue is Late for the Interurban. It was unveiled in 2008 and was made possible from donations by “Patches Pals” and neighbors. The J.P. Patches Show was one of the longer-running locally produced children’s television programs in the United States, having appeared on KIRO-TV in Seattle from 1958 to 1981. The show was live, unrehearsed improv with rarely more than two live actors on screen.

Leave a button on the jacket or a donation for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Learn More: Wikipedia, Seattle Times and Atlas. Local News: Fremocentrist.com.

Sri Chinmoy Statue

Titled ‘Dreamer of World Peace’ and sculpted by Kaivalya Torpy, the bronze statue commemorates Sri Chinmoy, a life-long ambassador for peace and world harmony. This is the seventh such statue installed around the world, and the first ever installed in the contiguous United States. Read more at Fremocentrist.

Indoor Art

You can see more art indoors at various businesses around Fremont. Check out the First Friday Art Walk!


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