Do You Want To Be Like Kevin Bacon

Umbrellas opened indoors and black cats
I hope none cross your path
Cracks in the pavement and spilling salt
Let’s hope that it was not your fault
Curses and Camp Crystal Lake
Do you really think those are fake?
Walking under ladders and breaking mirrors
All things that can make you have tears
Be safe today and watch out for strangers
Today could be the day you are in danger
If you are feeling unlucky and run into Jason
Do not turn around to face him
You do not want to be like Kevin Bacon
Or the girl from Taken
Be safe today
That is all I have to say
Happy Friday the 13th my friends!
Next week is the Neighborhood Safety Meeting at The Red Door with City Candidates. We will be having a panel of great people (See who is coming on our Facebook Page) to talk about how we are going to keep Seattle and our communities safe for businesses, employees and families.  It starts at 8a and we will have breakfast bites and endless coffee.  Join us to meet your City Candidates and talk about your concerns for public safety. REGISTER TODAY!
Upcoming Fall Programs to watch out for: Membership Drive, Walking Guide Sign Ups, Business Directory advertisements, and Holiday Promotion Newsletters
Enjoy the weekend!

Programs and Marketing
Trisha L. Rarey
P.S. Sign your businesses up for the Fremont Trick-or-Treat night! Email Kirby from to see how your business can be part of this great family activity and get people into your store front.  Learn more info here.