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A group of people surrounding the Fremont troll, climbing it and taking photos

Ever since the Aurora Bridge was erected in 1932 there have been reports of troll sightings underneath. Now we can say for sure that a troll has taken up residence on the north end of the Aurora Bridge.

Fremont’s neighborhood trolls have come a long way from the terrifying Trolls of legend. They have, in fact, become quite civilized, fun loving local celebrities. Trolls love to cavort in parades and share an endless passion for dance and any kind of festivities. They are not interested in eating people anymore but have been known to take entire cars apart looking for shiny bits inside. So, a word of caution; it’s best to hide any car parts you might have about your person and be sure to watch your vehicles when visiting the Fremont Troll.

HISTORY: The Troll Monument

In 1989, the city asked the Fremont Arts Council to launch an art competition to rehabilitate the area under the bridge, which was becoming a dumping ground and haven for drug dealers. Later that year a team led by sculptor Steve Badanes won the competition and was inspired by the folktale Billy Goat’s Gruff. It is made from rebar steel, wire and 2 tons of messy ferroconcrete, 18 ft tall with a shiny metal eye and crushing a Volkswagen Beetle in his left hand (which was a time capsule for Elvis Memorabilia for a while until vandalized).

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Hear stories, see more pictures and learn about events taking place at the troll on his Facebook Page. Join the Holiday Street Scramble that starts and ends at the Troll. Runs November 27-January 3–sign up now!

The Fremont Troll is quite the celebrity, he has been featured in films like The Twilight Saga, Death Note, Sleepless in Seattle and many more.

People have even written songs about him. In 2016 the Chicago rock band Majungas released “The Fremont Troll” off their Seattle Rock album  Listen to their song.

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Copyright: All commercial use of The Troll‘s image must first have permission in writing from the artist. Postcards, beer, magazines, online websites and other products approved by the artists are available. Please contact Steve Badanes.