Shop Till You Drop

Happy Mid-December! 
Now is the time to get all the Christmas present shopping done and you can do that all in Fremont.  I had to buy some white elephant gifts for my annual girls Christmas party and I knew just were to go.  My first stop was at Portage Bay Goods for something fun and I was able to find collapsible beer mugs for traveling and camping.  I was also able to pick up all my Christmas cards for the family and I know they will all be entertained by what I was able to find there.  My next stop was Show Pony for a cute scarf and earrings that all the girls will be fighting for.  Then I hit up Pipe and Row to see what they had for comfy hats and I found just the one!
I also walked to Frame Up Studios to get a picture framed from my mother and their selection was amazing.  For my roommate, I went to Dusty Strings to get accessories for his guitar and they had more options than imaginable, it was hard to choose what I wanted.  They also had great deals on all sorts of musical instruments and great classes that are starting in January that would be a great gift to give someone that wants to start or improve their musical talents.  Lastly, I went to Outsider Comics and Geek Boutique to find great Star Wars gear for my brother.  That store has to be one of my favorites, I love to just look at all the very unique and cool gifts for both women and men. So, if you need to get shopping done just walk around Fremont to find everything you need for everyone in your family.
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