New Website is HERE!

Sign Post With Blue Sky

I am excited to announce that we have launched the new website!  Go to and check it out!!!  We have all sorts of new features and great pictures to represent the uniqueness of our beloved neighborhood of Fremont.  Our goal was to make the navigation easier for visitors to find the best place to eat, shop, play and stay. We have an extensive calendar of events that will get even better with your help. If you have events that you want to be added to the website, you can now upload your content without trouble!  This is my favorite new feature; go to this link to submit your upcoming events.

Also, we will be rolling out a membership update program in a few days that allows you to update your information directly online.  This way our site can stay current with your business information for visitors and other businesses to know what you are all about. Please watch our Facebook Page for more updates on this.

We worked closely with Culture Foundry to complete this upgrade and not only are they a member but an absolutely wonderful company to work with.  They were able to deal with the diversity of our board and staff throughout the process and working together we stayed on track with the launch date.  The pictures that were taken by one of their staff members, Trevor, are very colorful and eye catching.  I suggest looking into Culture Foundry if you need a website face lift. Thank you to the team for all your help!  The site looks amazing!