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  Phone: +19739178244

  Address:2151 Michelson Dr Irvine,CA - 92612, USA

Uglobal is a dynamic education, networking and marketing platform for anyone who takes part in cross-border transactions, citizenship by investment and residency by investment programs worldwide. We connect the industry by providing international conferences, informational magazines in multiple languages, and a large community of verified, experienced professionals.

As more countries launch immigration and foreign investment programs the need for education and capital matchmaking has grown exponentially. Professionals are seeking new and innovative ways to reach potential investors and grow their exposure while industry participants are pursuing answers to pressing questions from trusted sources.

The Uglobal Verified community is a free service for professionals to gain credibility and for interested parties to gain knowledge. By becoming verified, experienced professionals can participate in our Q&A forum to answer online questions asked by individuals from every aspect of the industry. Asking a question is free and anonymous for the asker and requires no commitments. This open environment allows for the largest and most diverse centralized platform of education for global immigration and international investment.

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