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Studio Evolve - Pilates, Gyrotonic & SPRE Bodywork

Studio Evolve - Pilates, Gyrotonic & SPRE Bodywork

  Phone: +12065479616

  Address:3333 Wallingford Ave N Suite B Seattle, WA - 98103, US

Build strength and reduce pain with a functional movement practice that works WITH the natural aging process, so that you can continue to show up 100% to your work, your relationships, and your life. If you’ve ever worried that you might not be fit enough, flexible enough, young enough, or COOL enough, Studio Evolve was built for you. We are an inclusive, shame-free space that honors every individual and every journey. Offering Pilates, Gyrotonic, Breathwork, Somatic Bodywork Sessions as well as Nutritional Support primarily in a one-on-one format as well as very small groups.

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Martine Dedek owner
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