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Iona Handcrafted Books

Iona Handcrafted Books

  Phone: +15122474700

  Address:619 N 35th Street, #110 (In alley btwn 34th & door across from PCC garage entrance) Seattle,WA - 98103, USA

Iona Handcrafted Books is a small studio in Fremont that specializes in a centuries old bookbinding technique. Mychal, the owner, has been crafting journals and photo albums by hand for over 27 years using methods she learned in Venice, Italy in the early 90's. Using only surplus leathers, eco-friendly archival papers, and re-purposed Victorian hardware, Mychal strives to be easy on the environment while creating heirloom pieces that are one-of a kind. They are meant to be used and abused by writers, painters, photographers, adventurers, philosophers, seekers, and lovers of life. People just like YOU! Mychal has recently returned to her beloved Seattle after spending 21 years binding books in Austin, Texas. You can make an appointment to visit her studio by calling 512-247-4700. She's not keeping regular studio hours quite yet...but if you see her sandwich board out on Evanston near the PCC market, follow the arrow down the alley to her shop right across from the entrance to the PCC underground garage. It's the door with the bright orange border! Pop in, say hello, and fondle some lovely leather books. She'll greet you with a smile (behind her mask), and a little bit of a lingering southern drawl. She'd love to see ya!

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