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  Phone: +12065900474

  Address:Fremont Seattle, WA - 98103, USA

3Create ( is a consulting firm for customer acquisition and retention strategies. We combine data, marketing, and customer experience to help companies find, get and keep customers, locally or globally. #MarketingStrategy #CustomerExperience #DataAnalytics

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Catherine Lindner Fractional CMO -
Catherine is an Award-winning Marketing Executive with over 25 years of experience advising top management and driving growth through marketing (online and offline), working both in-house and as a marketing consultant.
  • Known for breadth of knowledge across all marketing channels – from strategy and branding to digital and integrated marketing to marketing technology 
  • Experience across a wide range of industries
  • Created innovative marketing and communication programs for some of the world’s most sophisticated and respected global companies, including BMW, Microsoft and T-Mobile, as well as small to mid-market companies
Barbara Christine Chief Experience Officer -

As a Customer Experience Designer, Barbara is relentlessly focused on the customer and ensuring that their experience with your product or service engages from the first touchpoint to the last.

Coco Inoue Chief Data Officer -

Coco is a data science pioneer who solves business problems though data analysis, data modeling and testing. She also specialized in Test and Learn to measure potential impact on changes so that clients can invest in new features or programs in a cost-effective way. 

  • Data Science: 25+ years of extensive experience in leading teams in Fortune 100 companies making high-impact, data-driven decisions though data mining, predictive modeling, optimization and experimentation
  • Customer Analytics and Lifecyle Management: Customer monetization and lifecycle management using behavior-based segmentation, targeting, predictive modeling, etc.
  • Experimentation Design: Test design from concept to execution and implementation on various eCommerce platforms.
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