Gabba Gabba Hair

Please welcome Gabba Gabba Hair to the Fremont Business Community!

Habitude Salon and Offerings Gallery

LET US LOVE AND AMAZE YOU hab·i·tude –noun [hab-i-tood] 1. A state of body or mind: a healthy mental habitude. 2. A habit or custom: traditional habitudes of kindliness and courtesy 3. A meeting place: habitude is Seattle’s favorite salon, spa and eco-boutique

Hidden Hand Tattoo

Modern Electric Tattooing by skilled professionals with decades of combined experience. Walk ins welcome.

The Style Witch

The name of the business derives from my glamorous grandmother, who always joked that she “looked like a witch,” which was hilarious. She was so vibrant, beautiful, and so funny. I loved that she didn’t take herself too seriously, and I didn’t want to either. The business’ name also conjures the image of a witch…