Fremont becomes the Center of the Brewniverse during Oktoberfest!

Now, almost two hundred years after the start of the event in Germany, Fremont puts its own twist on tradition as Fremont Oktoberfest is Seattle’s biggest fall beer festival with 100 beer taps of craft beer, German beer, ciders and more offered in mini-mugs for sampling and full 1-liter steins and boots! The event spans a Friday, Saturday and Sunday in late September. It features more 50 breweries, non-stop music with favorite local bands, traditional German food, and a variety of acts and zany contests in keeping with the offbeat Fremont tradition. Follow the story by searching the hashtag #FOKT on Instagram and Twitter!

Why is Oktoberfest in September?

Due to lack of refrigeration, in old Germany, the brewing season began with the fall harvest of barley and hops and continued through the cold months of the year. The last brewing happened in March. Any beer left at harvest time had to be consumed before the new beer arrived. At least that was the official line. The last Saturday of September through the first Sunday of October was designated as the time to drink-up all of last season’s beer. It officially became Oktoberfest in 1810, when Crown Prince Ludwig declared a 10-day celebration in honor of his betrothal to Princess Theresa of Bavaria. Since most of us have to work on Monday and cannot party for 16 days, we invite you to experience how the Fremont Oktoberfest squeezes 16 days into one unbelievable weekend.

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