An Unprecedented Year in the Center of the Universe 

Delivering on our mission in the age of COVID-19.

It has been an unpredictable trip around the sun for Center of the Universe businesses. Since its founding in 1982, the Fremont Chamber has worked to strengthen the business climate and improve the quality of life in our community and this year was no different. A new world calls for new actions—here’s how we rocketed to the occasion in 2020 and used our $24,999 in King County grants to support our local economy and neighborhood.  

Center of the Universe Small Business Relief Fund 

In August, we launched a small business relief fund to offset the financial burden of the pandemic. As of December 2020, we’ve raised $65,040 to support the small neighborhood businesses who have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. With the help of our 16 generous donors, we were able to award 45 local businesses with $1500 grants. Learn more:

Safe Start Kit Distribution

Supporting our neighborhood businesses reopening safely wouldn’t be possible without the proper tools. We partnered with King County to distribute free Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to local businesses and food banks. 

Social Media Promotion

We have doubled our social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to share information regarding COVID-19 updates pertaining to businesses, and promotion of businesses. We promoted 150+ member & non-member businesses, community events and small business resources on our social media channels since the beginning of March’s shutdown. Follows, shares, likes and comments skyrocketed bringing more visibility to Fremont and Fremont businesses! 

Reopening the Fremont Sunday Market

We were instrumental in helping the Fremont Sunday Market reopen—yielding an estimated $405,000 which went directly to supporting micro and small business vendors! As for health and safety, approximately 27,000 people visited the market with zero cases of COVID-19 traced to their shopping trips. Huge success!

Walking Guide Distribution to Downtown Seattle & Hysterical Markers

Annually, the Fremont Chamber publishes 50,000 copies of the Walking Guide to Fremont—a walking map and guide to all things ‘Center of the Universe.’ We instituted the ‘adopt-a-marker’ program to keep Hysterical Markers (our walking map receptacles around the neighborhood) stocked weekly. In addition to distributing locally, we continue to deliver our guide to participating hotels, motels and visitor centers in downtown Seattle. 

Shop Fremont Holiday Campaign

In addition to promoting safe, outdoor community events, we engaged in a month-long holiday marketing campaign to amplify our local small retailers and raise awareness of our festive offerings. All month long our social media was dotted with individual retail business features and industry spotlights.

Growing Membership 

Despite catastrophic disruptions to ‘business as usual,’ Chamber membership continued to take off and we welcomed 20 new members in 2020! Also, when requested, we provided leniency for membership dues to ensure members were able to enjoy the full value of the Chamber and pay when able. 

Launched “Support Fremont Businesses Page” on

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve been highlighting all our open businesses on a weekly and sometimes daily basis through our website and social media. We added a COVID-19 Business Resources page, as well as  “Fremont is Open” page listing the businesses still operating. We have also adjusted our home page to feature more members. 

Leveraging Promotional Partnerships 

As our neighborhood businesses continuously adjusted to an ever-changing landscape, it was more important than ever to connect them to additional forms of amplification. Through program initiatives like Saving Local King County, the Seattle Times “Open for Business” digital campaigns, the City of Seattle Office of Economic Development’s Shop Your Block campaign, et al, we were able to support our businesses in securing additional free advertising.  

Free Virtual Programming 

When social distancing took center-stage, our programming did not take a backseat. Our paid monthly breakfast programs transitioned to free online events. To connect our community to timely resources, we offered Coffee with Councilmember Strauss (to engage our Councilmember), Ask a Banker (to get financial resource and loan forgiveness questions answered), Navigating Diversity + Equity + Inclusion 101 (to assist businesses in evaluating & implementing DEI efforts), Shameless Self-Promotion (to support networking & connections among our businesses). Additionally, we hosted quarterly happy hour networking events. 

Transforming Public Events   

While we were unable to host the Fremont Fair or Oktoberfest in 2020, we provided alternative, socially distanced and self-guided events. Our Fremont-centric activities included an Oktoberfest Street Scramble, the Intoxicating Meander walking tour and the Holiday Edition Street Scramble.  We were a funding partner for Seattle Restaurant Week which largely featured outdoor dining, takeout and delivery options.

Reopening & Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies 

We were on-hand to provide safe, in-person promotional events around Fremont. Whether our members were reopening at a new location, re-branding, or moving entirelyour board members were smiling and ready to champion the next phase of their business with promotional photo shoots, including the ribbon and the gigantic scissors. ✂️

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