2017 Fremont Chamber Board of Directors: Phil Megenhardt, Bold Hat Productions; Marko Tubic, Edward Jones Investments; Stanley Jaskot, B F Day Elementary School; Jennifer Beus, PCC Fremont; Paul Robinson, HomeStreet Bank; Pete Hanning, Red Door. Missing from picture: Ken Saunderson, Saunderson Marketing and Sean Erhardt, Anytime Fitness.

FC Office: Caroline Sherman, Membership Guru & Trisha Rarey, Programs Wizard

The Fremont Chamber of Commerce is a business organization that has fun.

We follow our mission: The Fremont Chamber of Commerce strengthens the business climate and improves the quality of life in the Fremont community.

We feel that Fremont is not a geographic region, but a state of mind. Come join us at our next event, get involved with a committee — Join the Fun Chamber and find out why people stay in Fremont!!

The Fremont Chamber Supports its mission by:

  • Building relationships and networking with all members of the business community
  • Being a connecting voice for the business community of Fremont
  • Promoting the purpose, awareness, and viability of the Chamber
  • Expanding and continuing the cooperative working relationships with other Fremont groups and community agencies
  • Providing and promoting business, employment, and educational opportunities
  • Marketing the community’s products and services
  • Providing a source of support to the business community to plan for the future
  • Respecting each individual’s views and utilizing these talents to develop our business community
  • Conducting all our activities in an open, honest and trustworthy manner


Board & Elections


The Fremont Chamber of Commerce is run by an all-volunteer board, elections take place annually in the fall. All members are welcome to vote in the election.

2017 Officers

Please note officer elections occur at the January Board Meeting; officers are voted in by the Board at large and the term last three years. The Fremont Chamber does not have term limits.


Pete Hanning
Red Door Alehouse

Vice President, Communications

Marko Tubic
Edward Jones Investments

Vice President, Membership

Sean Erhardt
Anytime Fitness


Suzie Burke
Fremont Dock Co.


Phil Megenhardt
Bold Hat Productions

Board Members

Term 2015-2017

Ken Saunderson, Saunderson Marketing Group
Jennifer Beus, PCC Natural Market

Term 2016-2018

Suzie Burke, Fremont Dock Company
Marko Tubic, Edward Jones Investment

Term 2017-2019

Paul Robinson, HomeStreet Bank


Membership Guru

Caroline Sherman

Programs & Marketing Wizard

Trisha Rarey

Board Meeting Minutes


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