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Transformation is occurring all around Lake Union. Some people love it; others hate it. Whatever your position, one thing is true: most of the affordable locations for blue collar businesses have been replaced with boutiques, high tech businesses and restaurants that serve them. At Pelington Village (what we call our collection of businesses and small shops), we want to ensure that there’s still an in-city place for welders, iron workers, electricians, etc. Our tenants tend to be artisans, skilled crafts people who understand how things work, how to use their hands and heads to build things, fix things, and make things better. There’s a cooperative spirit  among these entrepreneurs, where skills, materials and general know-how are shared and bartered.

The owners operated recycling businesses for over 30 years. In the construction of the spaces, whenever possible, we re-used materials; we maintain old equipment, and use ingenuity to find solutions without buying everything new.  We won’t refuse other possible tenants—high tech or otherwise, but our preference is for businesses that fit with our blue-collar, hard working ethic.

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2533 Westlake Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109 US

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