A Message from the Center of the Universe

Dear Fellow Chamber Members,
We are all struggling to manage our work and our lives during this coronavirus pandemic. It’s an equal opportunity threat, but that doesn’t mean that some aren’t affected more heavily than others. We are doing our best to share clear and accurate information and encourage visitors to come to Fremont businesses. The Fremont Chamber’s mission is “to strengthen the business climate and improve the quality of life in the Fremont community”. Here’s how we are trying to live that mission amidst the current health and economic challenges:
In addition, we are giving all members whose dues are due anytime between March and June a two-month extension, at which point we will re-assess. (We did encounter a technical difficulty in turning off the invoice reminders resulting in a flood of invoices being sent out. Please ignore any invoice reminder you may have received.) If you know your membership renewal is coming up and you can pay, please do. For those of you for whom paying dues would be a hardship, just let us know. We are happy grant you an extension or setup a payment plan.
We are all in this together. What are we missing? Have you got some helpful tips? Do you have a need that the Fremont Chamber may be able to fill? Please contact our staff, Caroline Sherman and Whitney Moorewith any suggestions, questions or concerns. We’re here for Fremont!
Brandi, Paul, Amina and Phil
Fremont Chamber Executive Board